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Sanzi Kermes, 13 x 13 Scrabble Gallery

13" x 13"

Sanzi Kermes, Brides Revisited  Installation

Brides Revisited

Sanzi Kermes, Tumbleweed Installation On The Path


Sanzi Kermes, Textiles costumes

Textiles | Costumes

Sanzi Kermes, Textiles

Textiles | Varied Fabrics

Sanzi Kermes, ERR

Hanging Pendants

Sanzi Kermes, bi-fold room divider

II (pronounced eye-eye)

Sanzi Kermes, NN


Sanzi Kermes, IIITU gallery


Sanzi Kermes, GT


Sanzi Kermes, UI


Sanzi Kermes, ERR LEFT gallery


Sanzi Kermes, UNLOOP + BLANK gallery

UNLOOPE + blank

Sanzi Kermes, UL gallery


Sanzi Kermes, NAN gallery



This most recent work of the series (Scrabble books) makes the book a more tactile experience: a large room divider, hanging pendant-like fabric sculptural pieces, and clothing—costumes acquired from Center State in Baltimore. Imagine: a book that one can wear! I am pushing the boundaries of traditional books so they are now conceptual, visual items that one can feel. The wearer essentially becomes the story itself.

Scrabble Books

Scrabble A game with a fixed set of parameters, 100 tiles; 225 squares. How many variations from that beginning might occur? I document each game, I write haiku from the words played during the game, and I intersperse the haiku with screen prints of the resultant board pattern. My materials vary from paper to fabric to surfaces such as a room divider or a rocking chair. Each pattern is considered its own entity, its own book, with its own presentation unlike those one is accustomed to seeing in book form.

My goal is to push the boundary of what an artist book can be. What defines a book? What defines an object? When is the book an art book? When is the art book a sculpture? When is the art book art?

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Each Book I Create Follows These Criteria:
Book title: letters left at end of game.
Subtitle: score of game
Haiku (senryu): generated from each word played during the game.
Title page is a haiku based on the title of the book.
Paper / structure: variable. Not limited to paper nor to traditional binding.